Individual Yoga lessons

„We are what we think. All we are is created by our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world.“
Buddha Siddhartha Gautama


One-on-one Yoga lessons adapt to your own individual specific needs and conditions.

Therefore private lessons are recommended for anyone:

  • who wants to develop an individual program of exercises to deepen their own practice at home.
  • who cannot or does not want to take part in a group, because they have special physiological or psychological conditions. This could be after or during a serious illness or also in a challenging period of life owing to difficult life experiences. Yoga- and breathing exercises (Pranayama) can help us to accept and to process these events and we can find inner calmness and peace again.
  • who wants to deepen their own spiritual and personal developement with the help of pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

For more information or an appointment please call +420 603 360 554.