Katrin Köhler

Katrin Köhler / Lector

I spend my childhood and youth in the North of Germany. After having partly recovered from a very serious car accident in 1982, I started the practice of Yoga to live without pain again and to regain my health. The rapid improvement of my physical state and my enthusiasm for the yoga motivated me to complete a 4-year Yoga-teacher training in Freiburg, Germany.

After the teacher training we founded a Hatha Yoga School in Freiburg, together with my former teacher and friends, where I taught until moving to Czech Republik in 1997. Since than I have lived with my two daughters in Prague, teaching various Yoga classes for beginners and advanced students, for pregnant women, mothers after birth, and also for children.

Since 2006 I have been taking part in a further education program for “Pranayama and Meditation” with Dr. Shrikrishna, the former leader of the Kaivalyadhama Institute and Yoga hospital in Mumbai, India. From this time forward my focus during teaching is still much more on the work with the breathing.

All the experiences which I could collect on the Yoga way with the help of my own body and breathing has given me so many times the support to stay clear, calm, and centered within myself, even in very difficult life circumstances. Teaching Yoga has fulfilled me over all the years with a great joy.